November 23, 2017

Christmas Wrap 1: Brown Paper Packages Wrapped up with String...

By Tina Sexton
Christmas Wrap 1: Brown Paper Packages Wrapped up with String...

Christmas for me is wonderful - I love the tree (most of the time, one year we had a tree infested with aphids - but that is a whole other story), the decorations, the indulgent festive menus and of course the giving of gifts.

Giving a gift is an act of love, friendship or care and I genuinely believe that the presentation of the gift is an important part of the experience. If you buy one of our gifts it will be beautifully packaged or wrapped for you but I’d like you to think about all of your gift giving this festive season and if you have the time and the inclination (because let’s be honest you need both) then we can talk through some ideas to make it your most stylish gift giving yet.

It will come as no surprise that I’m quite particular about Christmas wrapping. Personal taste is always prevalent and there is often a loose ‘theme’. I have 2 young children so there are a lot of visible presents under the tree once it goes up so I like to co-ordinate the wrapping with the general look of the tree (not completely matchy matchy but in line).

We will start our series of Christmas wrap blog posts with the most budget conscious of our options. Brown craft/wrapping paper and raffia ribbon. Brown paper is extremely inexpensive per metre as it usually comes in much longer roles than normal gift wrapping paper.

Brown paper is also actually quite a fun paper to work with for Christmas. It fits the current popular Scandi aesthetic really well. It is easy to draw on so if you are even a tiny bit artistic or creative you can have a lot of fun.

My personal favourite of the options we tried in this theme is the snowy effect of white. To recreate lightly splash white ink/paint or even tippex onto a sheet of brown paper. When we did it we used a paint pen and simply tapped the overflowing ink from the nib. Once the paint has dried then wrap the gift. To complement it and work with contrasts we used a black raffia ribbon but a red or kraft colour ribbon would also work. To decorate take a pine cone (these were ones I had found on a recent walk) and with the same white paint (in our case paint pen) colour the tips of the cone white. Use a glue gun if you have one or normal glue (pritt stick won’t work) to stick it close to the tie in the ribbon. The sprig of eucalyptus tucked under the ribbon adds a splash of colour.

Adding decorative sprigs/pinecones/decorations to the gift work extremely well visually but aren’t always entirely practical when it comes to gifts stacked high. If you do choose this option bear that in mind and perhaps keep it on top of other gifts.

With the other examples you can simply get to work with some repeating script or some shapes, the important thing is repetition not perfect uniformity. If your handwriting skills aren’t amazing (mine certainly aren’t brilliant…Calligraphy classes are on my Christmas list…hint, hint OH) then just stick to lines or little triangles. We used a black Sharpie but if you have a gold pen or white ink pen this would work wonderfully – not too fine a nib though or you’ll spend hours thickening the stroke to make it visible. If you have any ink stamp sets that would work then do try them out here – again repetition is key.


A word on gift labels. We have used a tag maker to make these tags from a single sheet of kraft card. This is not a cheap piece of kit but it will serve you well for many years.  The very simple alternative is t just cut out rectangular or other shapes from a piece of co-ordinating card and decorate accordingly.

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