July 05, 2017

Floral Wonderland

By Tina Sexton
Floral Wonderland

Our intention with this blog is to showcase our favourite brands, discuss our influences and influencers, give our followers some gifting tips from our gift stylists and generally celebrate the lifestyle things we love.

My significant other informed me last night that I have the least interesting blog he has ever read (he only reads board game blogs so I’m up against some stiff competition it seems). As we are just starting the blog he got me thinking about how to add interest whilst also adding, hopefully, some value and so thought it would be good to start with a post on something gorgeous, bountiful and absolutely free.

I love flowers. Really love them. I fill my house with them (as well as use beautiful dried flowers and foliage in our gorgeous boxes). Winter is usually insanely expensive for me but the reason I don’t subscribe to one of the plentiful and good value flower subscription services (lovely as they are) is that for half the year I don’t pay for flowers.

We are fortunate enough to live in a country with an abundance of wild flowers.  Some of us have gardens - some of which are even well tended (mine isn’t but previous owners have put some half decent flowering shrubs in which largely look after themselves). My vast hydrangea at the front of the house seems to be a never ending source of resplendent blooms all summer long. Garden or no garden most of us have some form of access to some gorgeous plants that come alive in the warmer months.


Whilst peonies, hydrangeas and eucalyptus hold a special place in my heart (largely down to the love affair social media has with them) the oft unloved wild flowers that decorate our fine country feature prominently in every corner of my home.




Two absolute favourites are the cornflower (not always the easiest to track down) and humble cow parsley. Cornflower is divine and the intense blue purple colour of the smallish flowers livens up even the most scandi of interiors. As I live in London I seed them with a cheap as chips pack of wildflower mix but live in the bucolic country and they can be found in cornfields, roadsides and hedgerows.



Cow parsley is usually widely available in any untended area (I always manage to find loads even in London). It is big, impressive and looks smashing in a glass vase. Take inspiration from insta or pinterest if you need more styling ideas. This image is from the lovely Insta feed of @walnut_farm




If you really can’t face trudging around with a carrier bag and a furtive look then try out some wildflower art.

Lucy Auge is a brilliant young artist and sells affordable original pieces which beautifully capture wild flowers. I have a few of these myself (ignore the wonky picture hanging…) and they work wonderfully displayed together in a group. 




As a final note, our ‘Take Care’ box and our ‘A Quiet Moment’ box have Earls Delight tea which contains dried cornflowers – not sure what they add to the taste but they do make a mightily pretty tea bag.




Tina x 

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